Saturday, August 23, 2008

Youth cultural celebration

We went to the youth cultrual celebration last night and it was AWESOME. 14 stakes doing dances celebrating the temple and our valley. The whole time Addie was telling me how she wished she was do I! Those kids have worked so hard and it will be so neat to preform for President Monson.
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Ryan working

This is what Ryan has been doing for the last month and for the next month. He was in the yard by the house and I always have beet harvest pictures and that is about it, I thought I would get some of him greasing & cleaning his bailer.
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1st day of school

School started on Wednesday...yes it is now just Aleigha and I at first I was really sad, now it's kindof nice. We had 10 kids get on the bus at our little stop out here in Hidden Valley!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Digging up the front yard

Here is the front yard and the kids helping me hauling the sod!! out to the back. I will get an after picture when we get it done.
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The water slide

Here is the water slide video. Raygn goes first, then Porter, and last is Shane Van Tassell....yes the kids have tried to stand up and go down the slide already!

Aleigha's first big girl swing

O.k. so here is the video I wanted to put on but put a picture instead.-Thanks barbara

Raygn's 4 reasons why he is excited to start school!

1. He can pickup rocks on the way home(walking down the lane.)
2. He gets to sit with Kyler on the bus.
3. He gets to go to recess.
4. He gets to play with Kyler every day.
I was riding my bike and when I got home I asked Raygn if he wanted to walk to the mailbox with me, on the way there he told me he was excited for school to start but only for 4 reasons! I thought that was so cute.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Walker came to Idaho

o.k. he really came to see grandpa and we were going to get a day in also but football and soccer started and something about being there for tryouts and uniforms got in the way. We do love our cousins.
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The water slide...Hidden Valley style!

The kids love to flood the sandbox, now they found a new way to do it...down the slide.
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Aleigha's first big girl swing

just getting a little drink from the was really hot!
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Summer Days!

I guess we did have a few hours of just playing in the backyard this summer. I am both sad and excited to have school start on Wednesday. This summer has gone by so fast. I'm not sure if you can tell but all 3 kids love to swing with Aleigha, go down the slide, or just play in the sand with her. What good kids we have!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family at the reunion!

This is a pic. of my sister's and I! -Vivian, Colleen, Kristy, Ruth, and Me! (with Kasia and Aleigha they are 4 days apart.)

This is the next day at seven peaks. My Awesome brother Alonzo, my wonderful dad and Tyler the most freindly little boy my neifew.

Aleigha with aunt Nik!
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More reunion pics.

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Van Tassell Reunion

I really wanted to have a Van Tassell reunion-we haven't had one for...20yrs or something. So I planned one! We went to Murry park in Utah. It was a lot of fun. I got to see cousins I haven't seen for years. Then the next day my dad's family went to seven peaks. We were all there but Don. (he was in Iowa for his in-laws 50 wedding anniv.) Thanks to everyone that came. Next year Aunt Pat said she was planning one! Hope to see EVERYONE then.
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