Monday, June 13, 2011


Does this seem familiar anyone???

I had to get a drink!

I could still walk out on the pipe & fill up the cup!!

Raygn got a drink from THE cup!

THE was still there!!!!!!!

At the WELL, it has grown & changed but is still there!

no more ditches all around

check out this swimming pool.....u know we would have loved it! (both of them!) facing the bees-ax farm!

This well brings back so many good memories....Viv's perm....Lonz teaching me to do a running dive...diving contests....rolling hay, then coming to cool off....cold drinks....changing water. It is bigger then when we were at home but it was still there!! I loved the well. If you came over in the summer and it was hot, we would go swimming!! FARM STYLE!! One summer my cousin came to stay with us and we had a contest to see who could dive in the most times. I quit at 15-I think he went 1 more time to beat me but my head hurt so bad I didn't care! (I wanted to go more if you know me but I couldn't...It was that cold!) Raygn said, "Mom you had the funnest life huh!!" Ya I did, it was GREAT!
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Shoshone Falls 2011

The amount of water pouring over the Falls this year is AMAZING!! It was just a little breezy so the mist in the parking lot was as if it was raining. It was fun to take the kids to see and watch there eyes light up!! It is cool. If you can make it this year you should go!

There is also a hill the kids found and were sliding down on their butts! We ran into Logan and Heather while we were there! The boys liked this as much as the falls- I think!

Everyone checking out the water! We brought a picnic with us and ate it at the falls. I was lots of fun...the simple things usually are the best!

We had to stop by the temple...since it was Monday, it was all locked up. Aleigha wanted to touch it. Porter took her as close as they could get, the gate! He is so good to his little brothers and sister! What a fun Family night out!!
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Elliott's Baptism

Elliott & his daddy (Preston)

We got to go see Elliott get baptised June 4th! He is my sister Kristy and Preston's oldest kid. He is such a good boy and we are so proud of him.
Nik and I sang a song at the baptism and we were doing parts. We both sang the 1st verse then she started the 2nd then I finished it, I started the 3rd verse except I forgot the next word and we needed to turn the page back & didn't get it in time. I started laughing...yes in front on everyone, & I couldn't stop. Addie was so nervous that she was going to mess up playing...nope it was me! We finally finished and it turned out very pretty. Everyone felt so bad for me and I just couldn't help it. One of Preston's brother came up to us after and said how good we were together & how strong he could feel the spirit. (not the laughing part of course) The primary president said she felt so bad for me because sometimes that just happens. Ya it did but we were just singing for everyone while Elliott was changing so it wasn't to bad!! Sorry Kris...I never knew how funny that song was!

Now hold on some of you are thinking what Donald Trump was there too??? Nope that is my dad he is now wearing a toupee (sp??)...O.K. not really but it was pretty hilarious!!

One more shot just to laugh again!! I love you dad!
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Addie's hair debut!!

Addie had to wait till she was 14 to color her of my rules!! She wanted to try it in the summer in case she didn't like it and then no one would really see it!! Of course she loved it and wants it lighter next time!!

Thanks Aunt fun to get to have your Aunt do your hair!

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Memorial Day

Wendell Rockwell with Grandpa Wendell Campbell's headstone. I just know we will love our Grandparents when we get to be with them again. Grandpa Campbell and I would have been buds, I just know it!! I never got the chance to meet him but one day I will!

Our kids with Grandpa & Grandma Campbell's headstone (my mother-in-laws parents.)

Grandma Gillette's head stone. I got to meet her only after she had had a stroke, & was in a wheelchair with very limited abilities. She couldn't talk anymore, but I would go see her when we lived in Rupert quite often. I would take Addie and Porter to go see her when they were babies and you could see in her eyes that she just loved them so much.

Raygn, Ryan, and I

Yes it was a cold wet day!
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Addie's recital

Addie had her piano recital for the end of the year. She got to play on this really nice grand piano. It sounded so good! We love that Addie loves to play and is so good! We love you Addie!

Addie playing -nervous...not sure why I wasn't!!

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