Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Porter in track

Porter will do anything to be better/faster for football! He ran track this year again and ran the 400, 800, and sometimes the triple jump or a relay. He did so good. He is one determined soul:) 

The piano guys

For Mother's Day Ryan got me tickets to the piano guys concert in Boise! I love their music!! We went to see them with our kids a few years ago and loved them then. The music is so upbeat and inspirational!! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Mother's Day after everyone went home I was looking for Raygn....

Aleigha had her gymnastics recital

Aleigha has been in gymnastics this year and has LOVED it!  She had her big recital with just about everyone in the Burley/Rupert area (it was packed) everyone did an opening number, all the classes preformed, and then everyone did a closing number! It was just over two hours if gymnastics!! Raygn wanted to take lessons when it was all done:) Deegan, Kelton, and Kasia all preformed as well so we got to watch them to!!

Micheal McLean

My sisters -one, went to threads, it's Michael McLean's new musical. It's all about what women go through and there are some hard things each if us have to go through! We have a choice...and our attitude determines the way we deal with different situations. I love spending time with my sisters:) they are AMAZING!! We did some shopping, ate and went to the musical!!