Monday, July 26, 2010

Addie modeling her dress

Addie had the style review today, she has done it for 3 or 4 years now.

This is the first year she didn't do a skirt or something a little easier.

She has always done well and placed 1st or 2nd and well this year was no different. She got top of class (I guess I should say there where only two girls this year and since they were in different age divisions they both won their division!) Addie really does a good job and enjoys sewing.
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More house stuff

All the framing is done! The master closet, shower, tub, & laundry room are all framed in. They finished building the planter shelves and arches in the hallways. The front still has a column that needs to be built.

Not only are we getting windows for the addition but for the existing house as well. So out come the old doors and windows. That means that the bricker is back to work!!!! The heating and electric guys are here, it isn't really stuff you can see making much progress so it seams to be dragging on with not a lot going on.
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Weeds, Weeds, Weeds...

I got this Mantis from my mother-in-law and my kids love to use it....well in the sandbox mostly! The garden has spots that it has been used on and those look really nice! I had them weed wack the weeds and then they wanted to till them. This sandbox is one thing that gets used more than any other toy/entertainment/equipment that we have. A lot of times the kids have the hose coming down the slide into the sad and have lakes, ponds, & ditches all over the place.

The kids got it looking nice and then Ryan brought home another load of sand for them, they LOVED IT!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roof & septic

My AWESOME brother Don came up to roof the addition for us. He brought with him, Walker, (my nephew) Lupe, & Juan (two guys that work for him.) They got here at about 6:30 p.m. jumped right up there and got all the felt, the ice & water shield, the drip edge,our bedroom -both sides- done before dark and finished the next day at about 3. It was really amazing how fast they were. Walker was sick the whole time, Raygn was learning how to roof and Don's guys said they had never seen him lay shingles!!! Thanks so much Don , You are the best.

That same day we had about 5 other people here doing stuff like; plumbing, septic, electrical, fire place, & pouring cement. Not much I can show on those project but the fire to come. All the little things that have to be done (& inspected) take days. I am living in such a dusty dirty house these last couple weeks, they have cut the wall to make the two connect. We have been waiting on windows and door for awhile now, hopefully tomorrow or the next day!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress on the addition!

Here is the front eyebrow and covered porch. Shingles waiting to be put on the roof!!

Raygn playing in the crawl space, The living room with the arch, the start of our closet, the fire place hearth, Aleigha waiting for Raygn to grab her foot, (they were having so much fun running from vent hole to vent hole, Raygn under & Aleigha up on top guessing where he would be next!) the plumbers stuff.

Our room...our old room! No more bat cave ceiling!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The front of the old house

To tie in the old part we are re bricking and adding an overhang to the front of our existing house.

Ryan talking to the builder

snap shot of the front

The windows on the North side. ~yes I am leaving & in the car so that is why the mirror is in there.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

sleepy kids!

We were in the kitchen to long I guess! Aleigha went and got her blankets & pillow and went to sleep in the kitchen.

Raygn was putting his nose in the corner, sat on a chair and fell asleep!

I guess they had a long day, kids can sleep anywhere!

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