Wednesday, August 18, 2010


There has been stuff going on for the last two/three weeks but you can't really see it. Electrical & heating, now the insulation guys came and that really changes everything. We start sheet rock in the morning! Ryan and Kade did all the white wires-(it is low voltage wire.)
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Subrina's 30th b-day!!

Subrina had her 30th birthday on 8-08-10! We had a surprise 80's themed party for her. She thought she was going over to someones house for an 80's movie night. It was pretty fun to see what people had going on for their idea of the 80's-mostly the hair (I did the make-up too!) We played an 80's jeopardy game, very funny, some of the topics were; clothes, cartoons, & rock bands (there were 6 so I can remember half!) Then we had 80's karaoke. What a fun birthday it was. Happy birthday Subrina!!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

swimming...I didn't say where!!

Raygn, Deegan, (Viv's oldest) & Elliott (Kristy's oldest) went swimming at the end of a beet Field. Viv said they were swimming in a mud puddle...I was thinking more of the kind you walk in and get your shoes wet, NO this was waist deep for the boys! They were out having races through it and even made a slide into it!

Here they decided to even wash themselves in it!!

These 3 little ones swam at the house! Viv filled up the pool with warm water and they loved it. Thanks for such a fun day for all the kids Viv, we love you!
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swimming lessons

Aleigha had swimming lessons in the pre-school class, she loved it! She will do monkey, airplane, rocket now in the tub & car! She got to have lessons with Carter,-which makes it so much better because she is so shy. The teachers would hold them both and try to get Carter to do stuff by showing him that Aleigha was doing it!!

Porter getting his swimming merit badge. The hardest requirement was jumping in with all his clothes on (socks, shoes, pants, belt, long sleeved shirt, and swim shorts underneath) taking his clothes off and making floatation devices out of them. He was pretty tired by the time he finally got it to work!

Raygn and Kyler had a teacher to themselves-well pretty much. (Porter was doing all the swimming requirements and another girl was testing to be a lifeguard.) Week 2 they had the teacher to themselves! The funniest thing was one day Heather & I were sitting in the shade watching them and I see Raygn dunk his teacher. Then she in turn, ducks Raygn and Kyler. I asked him about it and he said, "oh we do that everyday!" What a good teacher to put up with those boys!!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fair time

Porter showing his pig. He took 1st in his class and 3rd overall in showmanship! He is a good showman!!

Addie and Porter in the same class

Addie showing her pig. A big Thank You to Grandma & Grandpa Robertson for buying the pigs!!
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