Friday, December 9, 2011

Hacker Alert

Test post.

Yeah, my friend Gina hacked me.

Ryan's B-Day

Ryan turned 34 this year...remember when that seemed so old??!

 He loves this sour cream Carmel cake-the frosting is made with lots of brown sugar!!

 Doesn't he look so excited? 

 Our thoughtful Addie made signs for him around the house!
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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Pictures from my phone...
 my favorite!!  Ryan gone muslin/or just no sunscreen!
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This was pretty cool we happened to be in Hawaii when the Vans world cup of surfing was going on!  It was really fun to surf, just a little slow waiting for the right wave to come in for them to surf on.  The day we left the waves were about 25ft. now that would have been amazing to watch!

The dole pineapple plantation.  The pineapples grow on top of the plant and take 15-24monthes to grow.   They had this really pretty garden that we went through, the flowers were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (if only they would grow here)

At the Polynesian culture center.  They had lots of different islands that are represented there.  They also put on a Luau with lots of food!!  One thing that was really neat was when you get your ticket for the day it includes a trip to the Hawaii Temple visitors center.  They show a short movies about the Hawaiian people and the temple.  It was the only thing there-& B.Y.U. Hawaii

We took our recommends and did a session!!  The temple was just so clean and beautiful, the palm trees that line the fountain, makes it seem as if it goes right to the ocean!

We went on a helicopter ride and saw the whole island of Ohau.  My favorite was the waterfalls. Our pilot got close and it was so pretty!  You can see our hotel, the shrimp farms, pearl harbor, the dole plantation, the pineapple fields, & the amazing beaches from the air!

Ryan, Logan, and I took surfing lessons, and then got to go out and surf!  We all got up on our first try!  I would love to go again!

At the 2nd Luau and the Pearl Harbor memorial.  You can see the oil still leaking out of the USS Arizona.  When we where there Herb Weatherwax was there. (He was a survivor)

Ryan & I got to go golfing two times in Maui.  The first time we went we only lost 5 balls (of our 12)  the second time we only lost 11 of our 12-luckily I found three so we could finish our last two holes!  There were two different golf courses there and we wanted to go on the easier one but ended up going to the harder one...oops!  We met this really cool couple from Germany and golfed with them!

We got to go snorkeling and on our way there we saw WHALES!!  I loved holding the spongy star fish that was my favorite!  We saw one in the ocean and our guide dove down and picked it up!  We had to stop at the sugarcane museum.
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Friday, November 18, 2011

First day of School!!





Porter -smiling! so happy to go to school!

Aleigha wanted to be a part of the school kids picture!

Rockwell and I, getting ready for the day!
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rockwell's shiner

Rockwell & I were in the tractor with Ryan, he was behind the seat playing and stood up just as Ryan went over a pivot track and smacked his eye on the tractor.  It was like in the cartoons when they go out then back in.  He didn't mind to much, just needed a hug and a kiss then back to playing!

Love those blue eyes!
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Monday, August 29, 2011


Addie pushed Aleigha's face in the jello-just for fun! Aleigha was laughing and thought it was fun:)

Good times!

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Dangerous cords!

I always have Rock in the bathroom with me when I am getting ready...well the other day he pulled the cord to the flat iron...

He moved and it got him a couple of times. He really didn't even cry that much. I put neosporine (sp) on it today and wrapped it because it is drying up & scabbing. He is so happy still! We sure love this little boy!

Does he look sad? love those blue eyes :)

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Porter gets his braces off!!

Porter got his braces off on the 24th! He had them on for a year & a half. His teeth look so good.

Drilling all the glue off his teeth!

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This is one of my favorite things that the girls do for mutual. They meet @ Kiwi Loco, then go to the humanitarian center tie quilts, sort tooth paste, stuff hygiene kits...what ever we can do for an hour & a half. Then they all go out to the D.I. floor and find a modest outfit -I do love finding something good at the D.I.!! The next week they are modeling what they found. :)

It is a mother/daughter activity too so all of us moms get to go!!

We finished two quilts

Addie learned how to tie a quilt! We stuffed all the hygiene kits (all 5 or 6 that needed fixed!)

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