Monday, June 28, 2010

roadside clean-up

We started doing this years ago, we pick up the garbage from our house to the highway and back. We are counting it as our 4-H service project now!! I am always amazed at all the trash that is there every year. My kids don't liter either (because they know they will most likely be the ones picking it up!) What good kids they are-it got so hot by the time we were done.
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Ryan turning on the pivot

The beets on the Zollinger farm...if the rows touch (or close) by the 4th of July you know you have a good crop, I think we will be there!! These are even replanted beets.

Another picture of the same field.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brick & plywood

The garage is bricked!!

facing west looking into the family room.

facing east, the walls with out all the windows cut out.

facing north looking at the master bedroom
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Campbell runion

The water slide was a hit...even when the wind was blowing!

There was plenty of things to do like, play b-ball, run on the log, swim, kayak, eat, talk with everyone, play in the outdoor tub, dance,
karaoke, go in the bounce house, & crafts, no one was bored!

What a fun place for a reunion. Thanks Becky for putting it all together, we love you!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Farm Bureau summer party

We had our Young farmer and rancher summer party out at Steadmans in Raft River (it has been there the last 3 yrs. now I have been running so I have never been able to go.) It was a lot of fun, they had two water slides, a zip line, cotton candy, snow cones, relay races and lots of little kids to play with! The best part was watching Porter dismount from the zip line! Some of these friends we don't see anywhere else but at the farm bureau activities.
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House-brick, walls, & trusses!

I wanted to remember all those piles of brick all around the whole house-old and new, since we are re bricking the whole thing.

walking through with the kids-there are walls now!

Our brick, the east wall is bricked and part of the garage.

Putting up the trusses, more lumber up, some plywood on the roof!!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Baseball

Raygn & Kyler's team

Porter he is such a good player!

When you are waiting for your turn to hit you can golf the baseball & play in the grass! -Raygn, Kyler, & Rein.
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There is progress!!

Here is what has been going on the last few days...the floor joices have been laid, the floor been put on and one wall was framed yesterday, ready to be stood up! The walls should be up today and tomorrow (I think all of them.) The brick guys brought the brick out and set it all around the house (I will have no lawn when we are done-except the very back part that isn't ruined.) The brick guy should be out the first of the week along with the trusses. I am pretty excited, we are making progress!!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The foundation...

Here are some pictures of what we have been looking at for the last week...I just think it should be moving right along!!
I want to call the builder every day and see what he is doing-what else is there to do???

from the northwest corner-the house without any brick on it.

more foundation

from the southwest corner & the back of the house with no brick!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Two tired little buddies!

Carter had a sleep over the other night and they fell asleep in less then 5 minutes. They play so well together! We are glad Aleigha has such a good buddy so close.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Raingutter regatta

Putting up the flag! What an awesome site.

singing the parents a song!!

Parents watching...Ryan is holding Aleigha, Logan, Paul, & Becky in the back.

Raygn & Kyler racing their sail boats!!
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Porter turns 12

Jake Smith, Raygn, Garrette Astle, Kade Shaw, Porter, Kaden Tew, & Aleigha

Porter Received the Priesthood on the 30th of May. He will be able to pass the sacrament on Sunday for his first time!! Porter is such a good boy. I LOVE YOU Porter!

He wanted a birthday party--boys are so different then girls--they played basketball, fought on the tramp, went to the Sid Butte, & slept in a trailer house that one of our hired guys just moved out of, with his buddies (& Raygn.) Thanks Porter for letting your younger brother hang out with you.

Putting his candles out with his fingers!
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