Saturday, March 23, 2013

Addie got asked to prom!!

Addie turns 16 on the 16th of April and prom is the 20th so she is old enough by eight days! Rashon Norman asked her to the dance. It was really cute he came out to our house to ask if he could ask her...I didn't know boys did things like that:). Addie said, "he's not dumb!"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Our last stop was Lebadee, Haiti. That is Royal Caribbeans own private island so no we didn't get to see the real Haiti.  We had a fun day at the beach though! We made sand castles, swam, went on a roller coaster ride, had a bar-bq at the beach, and went para sailing.  Lots of good memories made!

Porter, Addie and I got to go para sailing. It was fun to get to go with the kids! I thought I was going to get to go two different times because they wouldn't let kids under 16 go they just put all three of us together.  When we came down the boat driver said," I have to confess, I have never done that before but we had a good wind & you three are small so I tried it!
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Fun on the ship

the rock wall...we brought flat Stanley for Kasia so that is why all the flat Stanley pictures!! Porter had a contest climbing the rock wall with his kids club group...he won he climbed it in 45 seconds!! The guys helping were amazed because he has never climbed before!

riding the flow rider...soooo fun but wicked hard!

Raygn tearing it up!! Aleigha was our photographer!!

more pics, we also would kneel on the body board that was a lot easier!

a few family pictures!  We loved the nice dinner every night!
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More Cruise Pictures

All the really cool towel animals and napkin designs we recieved on the cruise! Our waiter LOVED Aleigha he would make her something every night!

the water park on the ship Raygn & Aleigha loved playing here!

Kids club...the kids  LOVED it!  Aleigha was the only one who got to be a part of three different shows! The had different age groups for all the kids, it was awesome!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Sting ray city, very, very funny!!

the star fish by rum point

holding the sea urchins

We docked at George town and went out to sting ray city, then over to Rum Point for lunch and to see the star fish & on our way back we got to hold sea urchins!

Our ship
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ryan back surgery #2

Ryan had back surgery in August and in January it went out again. So here we are again! He had pre-op yesterday and we r waiting to go into surgery now. He came in at 11:20 & surgery was suppose to be at 1:30...we will just wait longer:) he at least has some good drugs so he's not in a lot of pain. He is pretty funny he will be talking then fall asleep & then wake up and talk about something completely different:). When we checked into our hotel we were greeted with an awesome sign that said Welcome guest of the day Ryan Robertson. They upgraded our room and we had a nice card, chocolate, & a water for us:)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Our ship, the Independence of the seas

Swimming & feeding the sting rays!  This was really cool...Addie, Raygn, & Aleigha didn't think it was very cool.  Our guide told us sometimes it is fun to watch other people...he should have recorded the show in front of him:) Aleigha was screaming, Addie was climbing up my back with her legs out of the water, Raygn was trying to climb on Ryan, Porter said he was a little scared, I myself was a little scared too because they swim right next to your legs. After Addie, Aleigha, and Raygn got back in the boat Porter, Ryan & I held them and swam with them! It was really amazing!

Our guide then took us to rum point were we ate some jerk chicken, then around the bend he said we could find starfish.  He was diving for them and Raygn found one and I found about 4 more!  They were so pretty. The water and sand was gorgeous, it almost looked fake the kids said!

On our way back our guide took us thru a man grove, trees that grow in water, then he stopped one more time and dove down in the ocean and showed us some sea urchins, we could feel them moving in our hands!
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Activities on the ship

The ship had an awesome water park for the kids. I think we swam every day! There was a rock wall, basketball court, miniature golf & a surf simulator/flow rider. Porter, Raygn & I took private lessons it was fun!!

running through the sprinklers they had so much fun!

knee surfing! so much fun!

when you crash the water washes you up the slope it is so powerful!

Raygn on the flow rider!

  Aleigha was the photographer on these next few! Me trying to ride the flow rider.  It looked so simple but I could only stay up for about 10seconds. (was the longest)

about to crash!

Raygn stepped off the board...

so he is getting washed up!

giving it another shot you can see the line and everyday that line was that long:( see the big guy in line the water even washed him up it was amazing.  It didn't hurt though.

Raygn being amazing!!

hold on...

climbing the rock wall, I had Kasia's flat stanley with me on this trip!

Porter getting ready to climb in a kids timed race up the wall.  He hasn't climbed for 3/4years and he went up in 45 seconds!  He won!!

Porter at the top

coming down