Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Spudman July 2012

I have never seen so many bikes all in one place at once!  The energy of doing this race was awesome!!  I loved it and want to do it again next year.

More bikes!

After the swim...wrenching that wetsuit off

it was a bugger taking off

getting on for the bike ride

finished the bike now I only have a 6.2 mile run to finish!

I was looking for anyone I knew to throw my sensor to, Thanks to Viv and Kris they knew where to go to see us off the run!

Porter did the race with me!  He is such a stud!  I loved working out with him. We would go swimming twice a week in at the Shoshone pool in the mornings, well he could never and I mean NEVER let me beat him.  If I swam five laps he swam 5 sometimes I would be getting my goggles on or my cap and he would jump in and swim a lap and then never rest so I couldn't catch up to the number of laps he had swam!!  -Just a little competitive at our house!

The most he ran in training for the race was...2 miles!!

Porter coming in from his run.

I was so happy for both of us.  We finished our first triathlon!!


-with her teacher, Mr. Loveday-
Aleigha has started school this year and loves it! She was telling me today that she had 7 letters in her name. I asked her how many I had in mine and she said,"3 but I don't know how many in your other name" (I was thinking Mindy) she then said, "Robertson" I thought oh ya to her my name is mom Robertson!! I was so cute. She is so sweet!

  Today John Anderson was out here and asked about my dad, he hasn't heard he left. I was telling him how only two weeks before dad left we went to the Bear Lake fair and showed cows with him. Aleigha said," ya I can't wait to show my calf at Blackfoot!"  It was a bitter sweet moment-she doesn't know it has past, and that her Grandpa is gone. We have told the older three kids but somehow telling her and trying to get her to understand just doesn't seem right.  She really did love showing those little Calv's at the fair.

Kristy and her kids and her friend came to show with us!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thoughts....I would like to share with my DAD!

 Aleigha has a special bond with her Grandpa Kent.

My dad has never liked to take pictures but he would let us take some the older he got. Thanks Dad!
 Dad came to spend the day with us at Bear Lake.  He doesn't even like water he just liked to hang out with us!
Today I want to put down a few thoughts I have had the past few days.  I talked to a friend today and she said something to me that was so very kind.  She said I know people that are like your dad and they are not bad people. She said other things as well but I know my dad is not a bad person.  I Know all the things he has taught me over the course of, well...33years haven't changed.  I know he loves me.  I know he was the kind of dad anyone would loved to have had.  I know he has always done what he thinks is right. I have always loved and been close to him.  I have felt bad watching him struggle over the years but he has never felt bad about what he was doing.  He always loved to milk his cows and continue to breed excellent registered holsteins!  I want to call and talk to him about the BYU vs BSU football game.  I could have teased him a little! Asked him what happened and he would break it all down for me. I have been wanting to tell him how Raygn has been playing on the line in football and even playing center a little bit. (thats what dad played) I would love to have told him how tough Porter is.  Last week in football in the 1st quarter he got hit in the ribs with someone's helmet.  At half time I said he looked like he was hurting.  With 2-3minutes left in the 4th quarter, Porter pulled his helmet and shoulder pads off holding his ribs.  He had played the whole game hurt. (we took him in, his ribs are bruised) Dad loves when kids are that tough. He would have told me a story about when he played or when Lonz was young and played with a broken hand? (I think it was his hand) I want to see my dad again and spend time with him.  As the only parent I have left he means so much to me. There are so many things I still want to do with him.  Dad I love you!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Dad

 My Dad...I LOVE my Dad, ALWAYS have!  I really can't remember a time when he wasn't there, around or somewhere that I couldn't get to him...until now.  He left over a month ago and no one has heard a word from him since.  He gave permission to sell his cows. (if you know my dad that is serious) I want to write down thoughts, memories, and stories of him to have for my siblings, my kids, my Dad and myself.  I want to remember him...the man that means so much to me. I want him to one day be able to look at this and see how much he means to me.  I LOVE YOU DAD!
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