Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby quilts

I started this quilt the week before I had's done!!

These two are quilts that I made for Trish's twins...that she just had on the 26th. One is pink/green with brown petals and the other one is pink/brown with green petals. I love these blankets they are just time consuming.
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winter storms

We had a few days of bad weather, the kids got to stay home (no school) we were just hanging out. I had foot surgery so I was just trying to do as little as possible! I was feeding Rock, cutting a blanket I was making, Addie and Aleigha were doing my hair! It was just storming outside and we were warm and cozy inside!!
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Aleigha and her "little" buddie

I am sad that I never took any pictures of Aleigha carrying her little buddie when he was a new born. The first day I brought him home he was sleeping on the couch in the living room and I was talking to our painter and here she comes with was a little scary!! It was common real soon, now he is almost as big as she is, but that doesn't stop her! She loves him sooooooo much. What good buddies they will be.

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Porter's Nose!!

Porter came home from school one day and didn't say anything to me...he wanted to see if I noticed. (LOL) I didn't and he told me at lunch recess he was playing basketball and someone hit his nose. The elbow to his nose broke it and it bled, so he got some grass, wiped the blood off, held it up to his nose, stopped the bleeding and jumped back in the game!! His teacher didn't even know. When I called the Dr.'s office they asked me why I was barely calling them....I just found out! At parent teacher conference his teacher felt so bad, he doesn't have to be that tough!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock's blessing

In his white clothes ready for his blessing.

A family picture

As close as we can come to a four generation picture- Me, Rock, My Grandma Hernandez, & my dad!
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ATiger a.k.a. Rockwell

Three of the 5!

Darth Vader A.K.A. Raygn

Tinkerbell a.k.a Aleigha

Football player a.k.a Porter (any suprises here?) Addie was a homeless begger I didn't get any pictures though.
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My dad

My dad got an award, The senior breeder award-from the Idaho Holstein Association. If you love cows and have registered Holsteins this is an awesome award!! My dad loves his cows and was pretty excited about this award.

Grandpa getting to see Rockwell for the first time!

Aleigha loves Rockwell and just because she is covering his face doesn't mean anything!! She was just petting him!!!

Dad with Aleigha, Rockwell, & Kasia
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Ryan & Logan digging beets- these two can dig more beets in one day then almost any one around. The sugar factory asked them to dig early, early beets because they knew they dig so fast. (there were only 4 or 5 farmers even asked to dig then, they wanted to get the factory full and running)

We planted a pivot of corn, Perry Van Tassell chopped it for us. Heather's dad came and drove the tromp tractor (the green john Deere following the red one.) Ryan loves farms pictures so I have to post some!!
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Football & Volleyball

Porter #10 he got an award and on it, it said Porter "hit man" Robertson (he loved to hit and you could hear his hits too!

Gerrett Astle, Chance Bingham, & Porter

Porter #10 and his teams. He played on the school team and a pee-wee team. Both teams only lost one game (both on the same day, he had to go from one game over to the other one.) It was a lot of fun watching them play.

Addie #12 did so well this year. She got most improved at the sports Assembly they had. she is loving volleyball this year.
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Addie-homecoming week!

Homecoming week- one day she was a detective...

then she was Napoleon dynamite, yes that is her outfit she wore!!

another pose

and a close-up. She was an alien one day too but I didn't get a picture of that either.
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Wendell Rockwell

Here are a few pictures I had taken when he was just 3wks old! I thought she did a good job. She took all of them right in my living room! (she brought props with her)

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Sunday, November 7, 2010


A few pics of Aleigha with her buddy!!...& his car seat, & her doll stroller ( he didn't like it too much)

work on the house...Mark was our bricker & Raygn loved to hang out with him...well he was Raygn's favorite but he would hang out with all the worker that came.

This is Glade, he did our tile for us. This is where Aleigha was, any time Glade was here!
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