Thursday, February 25, 2010

Robertson kids & Parents

This is all of Ryan's brother & sisters, oldest to youngest, with his parents.

Grandma likes the silly pictures!

Just the kids~Ryan, Charlyn, Logan, Trish, Jocelyn, & Britteney
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegas Trip Days 4 & 5

We went to the show LaReve, that was probably my favorite one. It was a water show and all kinds of different things involved.
The next day was the M&M factory, The Coke factory and shopping for the kids, before catching our plane home...I was so glad to come home! THANK YOU Heather and Teresa for watching our kids, we love you!
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Vegas Trip days 3 & 4

So after our motorbike ride we went to Love- that was really awesome, Beatles music with a hundred other things going on. Another cool thing was that Char (Ryan's sister) and Amy (Char's sister-in-law) surprised their husbands and planned a trip to Vegas. We all went to the show together that night.

I wanted to do something to surprise Ryan while we were in Vegas. I booked us a helicopter ride. We flew over the Hoover Dam, over lake Las Vegas & Lake Mead, down in the Grand Canyon, & then landed in the Grand Canyon, they had a picnic for us with champagne! (we said no thanks!!) Then back to Vegas at sunset and over the strip at night. It was pretty neat.

They came to get us & dropped us off in a Limo!
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Vegas Trip days 2 & 3

We went to the Phantom of the Oprah, I love that play. We watched the water show at the Bellagio, walked enough that we could eat whatever we wanted too! Saw all of the strip & more then we wanted to.

Ryan's parents happened to be there at the same time on a motorbike trip with some friends & brought an extra bike for us to ride one day. The 110 Scream'n eagle-brand new! We went on a trip to the Hoover Dam, around lake mead, and through the valley of fire-very pretty. ( we stopped once and I didn't take any pictures because, I thought we were going to stop again, we didn't so you can look it up or our pilot told us that it is a planet on one of the star wars movies!

The new bike, SO GORGEOUS!

The other side!
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Vegas Trip

Ryan & I went to Vegas for a few days...since Hawaii didn't happen-maybe next year!
Funny story-We were walking back to our room and Ryan had his shirt and tie on (coming from the temple) and this guy had a button up shirt and jacket on and he says to Ryan as we walk by,"dang I need to step up my game, I thought I was dressed up but you are showing me up!" I thought that was so funny!!

We went to the temple and I forgot shoes so I wore my boots!

in our room

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raygn gets Baptized

Dad making sure he looks just right!

Raygn and his Dad

Our family

In their whites!
Raygn was so excited to be baptized. He is a happy, helpful, kind, and loving boy. I love you so much Raygn. I know Heavenly Father is proud of you too!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquette

Raygn's cake for the cake walk at scouts! -I know he is in cub scouts and this is the boy scouts motto, I forgot(I am in boy scouts!)

Kyler getting his awards!

Raygn getting his awards!
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Jr. High basketball 2010

They won!! They are the district III champions!

Team hug after the big game!

Addie is #24

Way to go Addie!
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5th/6th grade basketball 2010

Ryan is coaching again this year. He has been Porter's coach all three years that he has played. Raygn is his assistant! He is so good with the boys and they love him. The boys have played well this year and have won all their games! Good job Porter
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Ski/Skate day!

Another fun Ski/Ice skating day with the school. Porter and Raygn got to go this year, Porter started the day out with a snowboard and then half way through traded to skies. I never got to go on one run with Raygn. He was always with his buddies or Aunt Heather or anyone he could get to go with him. When we were finally at the lift at the same time he wanted to go in the lodge! It was a lot of fun and I loved hanging out with all the kids. I do love the Heimerdinger's!!
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