Sunday, July 28, 2013

24th of July celebration in Utah

We were in Spanish Fork over the 24th and got to witness what it would have been like to see the 2000 stripling warriors!! It was very powerful, they had the army of Helaman playing in the back ground. I will try to upload the video I have as well!
In front is Captian Moroni & Helaman
The banner says -we do not doubt

Each ward had a sign in a stick stating what ward/stake they were from!!

There was so many of them, what a powerful tool!!
Then they had the missionaries following behind! There is Kasia, Aleigha, & Allie sitting on the road:)

You can see how far down the road they went!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porter the mighty...

This was so funny Porter was walking around with Rockwells plastic bat in his shirt telling us how if he was fighting someone how he would do it!! I have to remind myself that when you are 15 you can do ANYTHING!! Even if it makes no sense at all to anyone else:)