Sunday, September 28, 2008

My dad's the greatest guy...

O.k. so I stole this right off Nik's blog...(that's why she is in them and no one else) I wanted to go spend the day with my dad and take some pictures with him of what he has been doing the last... oh 60 years of his life here it is! I love my dad so much. He has been so good to me. We did get to go to the temple together last week-I forgot my camera though-he came shopping with me,(he got new shoes and I got a shirt), and we went to lunch. Thanks dad you are AWESOME!
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Sunday games!!

We usually play games on Sunday night and tonight was no exception. We have the game curses...anyone who has played knows how funny it is. You have to do a challenge and then give someone a curse. Notice I have 3 cards turned over in front of me, so I was out! I had to talk like I had an invisible golf ball in my mouth, talk like a pirate, and whenever I talked I had to strum my air guitar! Ryan had a fun one that when ever anyone touched him he had to say"you are after me lucky charms" Raygn got to profess his love to anyone that rang the bell, Addie addressed everyone by another name, and Porter had to bite his tongue, and hiccup when ever he talked. Along with a few others. Really fun game-(we played at a party once and it was hilarious)

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Camping with the Robertson Family

We had a great time-I think this was my funnest time...Ryan packed and unpacked EVERYTHING! We went up to Thompson Flats it was close and our camp site was huge. We ate, rode 4-wheelers, roasted marshmellows, watched the boys throw rocks down the moutain, skipped rocks, ate, got a little sleep, and had some good laughes. What good memories we are making. The trees were so pretty they were all turning color, there was greens, yellows, reds, and orange. Thanks Ryan and Logan for getting this all together.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kelton's Birthday

We went to Kelton's birthday party Monday night at Viv and Cory's. Of course Viv had made the cutest cake and bought (holy cow, usually she makes it) the pinata. We had a good time and Grandma and Grandpa Hanks were there...some of my favorite grandparents. Thanks viv for the invite. Today I called Viv and Deegan answered and I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was playing with Kelton's birthday present that his mom got him. I said, "you mean your mom and dad?" "No, just mommy" he said. So I asked him, "what did your dad get him?" "Nothing" was his innocent reply!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Salt Lake City Trip!

We had such a good time this weekend, we ate, shopped, swam, some scrapped, and had a few good laughs! Thanks becky for all the goodies and the good time. love you
eating at Cafe Rio!

Kelsie and I playing musical I didn't win!

We had no more room-our last stop was taipan and we made a rule -whatever you buy you have to hold on your lap!

shopping at Ikea

Not even two mintues after we got there Jocelyn over flowed the toilet!

Our cute pink robes that Becky got us (so soft)to wear to the pool!

In the hot one wanted to have races with me in the pool so I just swam some laps by myself-Thanks Becky for walking up and back with me!
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More pictures of this weekend

Here are our shirts that Ashley made for us so we could find eachother at the convention! I did get a couple massages-just sample ones-and read my book and walked around ALOT with Heather. What a fun weekend!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ryan's Baler

I was going to bed last night when Ryan was getting up to go bale hay so I went ant rode with him until 1:00 this morning!
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Team Day

Today was not as flashy as yesterday but Porter did want me to shave his head -to be the coach! I thought of it to late and we don't have any, but he should have worn suspenders to be like coach Simmons!

Raygn was wearing blue and orange-Addie was wearing a # shirt!
We shaved him bald/he has so much hair. He really wanted me to bic it, I did draw the line there!-(I won't be home to shave the rest off) -wait for Halloween!

Here is my little Aleigha up early today!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homecoming week!

Addie's class are the spy kids & Porter's class is football players and cheerleaders! I'm glad they like to have fun and dress up.

for homecoming week each class got to pick their theme today. Raygn's class picked p.j.'s and crazy hair!-This was all his idea...can you say-goooood self-esteem, brave, and fun!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The finished pictures!

Another angle around the swing,

by the basketball court,

the front waterfall/fountain and wall, can you imagine the pretty flowers I am going to have in those 2 cute flower pots next year?!

front curbing! (my only flowers this year)

curbing around the house...

a little more curbing...

o.k. Addie in the dark-so cute!

around the swing (ryan's eagle project that I talked the city of Paul into giving it to me since they weren't using it anymore.)
I hope that gives everyone an idea of what I have been working on!-with a little help-o.k. alot of help. Thanks Ryan for send those two guys here for a couple days. Thats not even showing all the weeds they cleaned up for me!
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Potatoe Harvest

Addie pointed out our shadow's not as cute as Porter and Aleigha at the temple...but close!

My moon picture!-haha

I wanted to take some pictures of the moon tonight it was so pretty and HUGE, but by the time I got home and got the kids to bed it was to late. I thought these were pretty cool though. We don't grow potatoes anymore but this is in my backyard still! (we have 3 big cellars behind our house so it's like we still have the harvest)

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