Monday, October 27, 2008

Tagged-4th File 4th picture

I love this picture of Kyler and Raygn it was from track and field day they had just won the wheelbarrow race! How cute to see cousins get along so well. So I am trying to catch up on all my tags, now you need to show us your 4th file, 4th picture! Have fun
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Scouting for food

Porter had to drop off flyers to remind everyone that the scouts were going to be there on Saturday to gather the food. We took them to the Hidden Valley people. Isn't he such a cute Scout!
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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was tagged by my sister Colleen, I think it goes like this:
list 6 quirks about yourself & tag 6 more people.
1.Well I like to know what I am talking about so just to give you an example I looked up what a quirk was. (a sudden twist, turn, or stroke-that was the #1 definition but #3 was- a Peculiarity, peculiar trait, or mannerism) If you have ever played a game with me you know that I like to look up the rules.
2. Every night before I go to sleep I have to put on chap stick. (I prefer natural Ice)
3. I hug everyone-good or bad I am a touchy person and I love to hug people(if I don't know them well I usually touch them on the arm, (weird but that's me)!
4. I like Ryan to kiss me before he leaves for work EVERYDAY, if he comes back home for something when he leaves again I like another kiss!-(you know the touchy thing)
5. My hair is turning red-I dye it to take the red out, sorry dad. I know that only Char knew that so my secret is out now!
6. I don't love to run. I know I do run all the time but I have my reasons, like being vain or because I heard that exercise is good for you, something like that. A race is a good motivator to keep running plus I like competition!
So I tag Heather, Jalyn, Tara, Trish, Char, & anyone else that is reading this!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One more Birthday post!

This is pictures of the scavenger hunt that Nik put together for me...very fun! I had to figure out clues and then find where they were. That was I think in all my 30 years the 1st scavenger hunt made just for me! Addie and Kaylia were there the whole time helping me too, thanks that was loads of fun! Thanks Nik you are great. Love you (thanks for letting me steal this collage from you)
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Monday, October 20, 2008

So I really am 30!!

I have some of the best freinds around! Today one of my friends brought this book out to my house, for my 30th birthday they had got 30 people to write me a letter. (family, friends, & people from the ward) Oh how sweet it is to hear nice things about yourself and get to know peoples' thoughts about you, the impact you have had in their lives, and how they LOVE you. Thank you so much everyone, it made turning 30 worth it.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Ryan and Viv planned a party for me...I guess it was a surprise one because I was surprised when everyone showed up! Viv made me a birthday cake and Paul and Becky, Jeff & Char, Logan & Heather, & Trish all came & kids! Thanks everyone for making the trip and making it such a special 29th birthday! (not sure about the #'s on the cake I will talk to viv)
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Birthday Trip

My 29th birthday was yesterday (or was it last year, oh well #'s are not important) and my friend Dolly and I went to Utah with our girls. We both have two about the same age. We stayed with my sister and her roommate Beth(dolly's sis-in-law). We went shopping, ate, played games, shopped some more, and went to temple square. Thanks Nik and Beth!
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Some of you might wonder why I am posting soooo many beet pictures, well we have 960 acres of beets to dig! I love the harvest time and getting to ride in the tractor with Ryan and my kids getting to go to "work" we love it!
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Monday, October 13, 2008

I spy something....

I spy something silver, covered in Green? Can you guess what it is? This is what I found today as I went to go get in my car to go to scouts today! After scraping all the snow & leaves off the window I drove and let the stuff on top blow off...I know I am part redneck, but I was in a hurry!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sledding, snowballs, & snowmen

The kids were excited to come home from church and play in the snow, so they had a great time out in the warm weather. Perfect for sledding, snowballs and snowmen!
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Saturday date night!

We went on a date with Logan and Heather, Paul and Becky, &Brittney and boyfriend Stetson. We went to Stevo's and had dinner and then went and played a game of hand and foot at Pual and Becky's. Thanks Paul and Becky for being such good in-laws and taking such good care of all of us.
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Coming home from playing in the snow at Kyler's!

Green leaves still on the trees! Very pretty

More snow

I'm not sure if you can tell that we got abt. 4 inches of snow yesterday, very unusual for October. In Town they got anywhere from 12 to 15 inches. I wonder what the mountains look like? Yes Ryan was out working on his snowmobile yesterday and loving his new MAN SHED!
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Friday, October 10, 2008

MORE Harvest 2008

When in Rome do as the Romans do...When in harvest do as the farmer does! -Something like that. We are now on the 3rd field of Sugar beets and look at our pile at the beet dump...growing by the load!! My kids fight over who gets to ride in the digger with dad when they get home from school, Raygn won. (tomorrow is Sat. and they can ride all day!) I got a picture of Matt in the RED PEPPER! (I named it that, it's all red it could be the chilis mascot) If you look really close there is a coyote in one of the pictures too. We love harvest, Ryan, and all the help. I love when I can get a picture of all the diggers lined up digging but they only have 2 going right now.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beet Harvest 2008

Ryan digging beets! The start of harvest, the Hidden Valley beet dump-these are all our beets! I love when the pile is all ours(i can see how many beets we have.) Grandpa in the disk and Logan in the other digger
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My mom's wedding day!

Senior picture

Mission picture with companion!

So I don't have very many pictures of my mom, a lot of them got burnt when our house burnt down (as you can see on some of these.) I love my mom and wish she was here with me and able to come see me, hang out and help me with the kids, canning, life-you know! I love her so much for the person she was and the things she stood for, one day I hope to meet her and have her say that she is proud of the life I have led. Happy Birthday MOM! She would have been 65 today.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My little shopper!

Today Aleigha and I had to go to town and do some shopping. She got to push her little cart around the whole time, she did want to load it with marsh mellows!
she was having a hard time getting past the water in the isle so she...

got in front and backed up threw it!-smart girl!

Pushing for all she was worth! It was the cutest thing ever!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raygn's prayer

The other night I was downstairs saying Raygn's prayers with him and this is what he said. "Heavenly Father thank you that we could go to town and really do nothing, and thank you for our daddy temple and mommy temple, Addie temple, Porter temple, Aleigha temple, and my temple, and thank you that we could go and do nothing tonight(again) amen.
-We went to town and were going to go bowling but all the lanes were full-no one was there but they had leagues so they were all full-(I did feel funny telling the kids that all the lanes were full when they could see that they were all empty!) so we only got to go out to dinner and take Addie to violin lessons.

The other day Raygn and Aleigha were in the tub and Aleigha wanted to get out and Raygn thought I should let her just get out and run around naked. I had to explain to him about our bodies being temples and getting dressed and being modest!-now we pray about it! Lesson learned!-I wish I could learn that fast.

Friday, October 3, 2008

At Grandpa Van Tassell's

We finally made it over and helped move panels with dad. (Kris it's like you were there cause we were on the phone with you almost the whole time!) Those panels were heavy! -or maybe I am just getting soft! We had to go to Shoshone and well you can't go by the snack bar without one on their "small" ice cream cones! I did dump mine in my purse while I was trying to get my camera out!-oops it was still good.
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Dolly and I made salsa on Wednesday, it is sooo good. (ryan said it wasn't hot enough-just perfect for me then!)
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