Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoshone Falls

Kristy and Austin -Rock in the stroller (what was cooler? blanket in some shade or full sun??? still don't know he was just hot that day!)

Ron, Ruth, & boys, Preston, Nik & Allie

The water trickling over the rocks. I was so sad when we pulled into the parking lot and saw this. I was telling them how AWESOME these falls where this year and then this is what they get to see. You never would have believed it by the # of people that where there that day!

Poor Addie wasn't feeling her best but was a trooper and came with us anyways.

kids find joy in the journey no matter where they are!

this was what I wanted them to see! We went in June and thought it was raining on us in the parking lot. Nope just the mist from the falls. Notice no rocks.
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Van Tassell reunion 2011

This year we went to Harris pond for our Van Tassell reunion. I love to get together with all my cousins and see their kids & all my Aunts and Uncles!! (we did miss those of you who couldn't make it.) The canoes where a hit. The paddle boats were my least favorite!! I has a challenge steering it!! Addie kept laughing at me...she wouldn't steer, just paddled!

LOVED the zip line. Aleigha even went with me a couple of times.

I love my sisters. We had a good time! I am only sad that we didn't get a whole group of everyone that came. Thanks everyone for coming and making it happen!
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Shoshone Ice caves

We went to the Shoshone ice caves with my sister Ruth and her family. It was pretty neat...not quite as cool as the 1st time but still interesting! All the kids trying to ride the same dino! Back in the day it would have been able to hold them all I am sure!

Porter & Aleigha riding the turtle

Raygn catching a ride on the dinosaur

some important rules!!

the ice on the rocks

you can't really see the coolness of this but here the ice is 24ft. deep (I think!) it was pretty deep in places.

another tunnel that hasn't collapsed, it just isn't very deep like the other one.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the yard-in progress

14 years & 4 months ago I moved out here to this had a sprinkler system. It also flooded my basement 3 or 4 times. So I have drug hoses around for the last 13 years. I would plant things along the way and if it could live in a drought/flood environment it would last, if not it was usually dead. Needless to say, I didn't plant a lot of cute things around my yard.

I love the boulders!! I picked them out! My wonderful husband hauled them in for me!

We have some cute flowers and shrubs!

more flowers and shrubs

still more...

yes another burm with cute flowers, trees, and shrubs!

another angle

some cool grasses and shrubs

flowers, shrubs, and grasses


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

garage door

This is what my door has looked like for the last 14 yrs that I have lived here...(o.k. not the sanded strip)

just one more shot

then I had this crazy idea that the inside needed done also...

here is the finished project!
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Our little mommy!

Aleigha was out here on the deck with her baby...not sure if she was feeding her or just talking to her!

pointing out the scenery!

she has all that is necessary, her baby and her purse!

a close up -holding the baby

she is always talking about being a mommy... This morning she was walking with me, and she told me that when she is a mommy she is going to have 6 babies!

oh ya...check out these sweet shades...3-d glasses!
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Grandma B

We have adopted Grandma B as one of our Grandma's!! We love her tons! She is an amazing crocheter. I don't know how many of these afghan's she has made, but I know LOTS of people that have them. -from her! She wanted to make one for Aleigha, (she told me when we went to pick it up that she didn't know I had another daughter! Addie was with us) I guess that is what happens when you go visiting teaching when the older kids are in school! Aleigha loved the blanket and she loves her Grandma B!!

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