Saturday, April 30, 2011

Girls cabin trip April 2011

Grandma sleeping with one of the twins

Ok so it wasn't an all girls trip-Rock crashed the party! He is so good & happy no one minded him!

Emma, Alizlyn, & Rock

Every year Becky takes us on a "sisters" week trip. This year we decided to go to the cabin. She gets all of us matching p.j.s!! It was a lot of fun. We made aprons while we where there, talked, ate, played games, went shopping & had a good time!

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Acey's blanket

My really good friend Jalyn Shaw's husband is in the hospital. He has been now for over 8weeks. She asked me to make a blanket for Acey because he is always cold. I did it in three days because she was here and was going back & I wanted her to be able to take it with her. I wish I had the pattern-THAT SHE DREW!! I was a little unsure of it at first but I think it turned out great.

a close up of the different stitching I did

the letters I wanted to tie in with the colors around the sides

the back view. The coolest thing about this quilt is that President Monson signed it. He was in the hospital and gave Acey a blessing and signed the quilt. He said that his friends call him Tom so he signed Tom Monson. How cool is that?!!
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Grayson and Rockwell, they are only 4 months apart.

Kaleb and Aleigha

Grayson and Rock wrestling

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Aleigha LOVES dance! She LOVES her dance teacher too, I guess that is why she is on her lap!!

Here they are waiting for a couple of girls to show up & chatting with Teacher! Aleigha's week goes like this. Mom what day is it today-1-church day "oh yeah!"
Mom what day is it today? 2-Dance, "YEAH YEAH I LIKE DANCE!!"
Mom what day is it today? 3-Speech, "yeah speech"
Mom what day is it today? 4-(Wednesday) We get to stay home today!!! Sad face, "oh I don't like to stay home." And the rest of the week is getting excited for the first three days of the week!! O.K. we still get to run around with the other kids but she doesn't have her things!

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Cutting down trees...

Ryan working in the yard with the two older boys! All of our trees right here are getting cut down...well it seems like all of them. There are 3 pine trees that we left!

A tree fell the wrong way and landed on our trampoline.

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Friday, April 29, 2011


We finished our house in October. I had Rockwell in Sep. and got to bring him home to a house full of construction workers...not recommended! but now we are in it and loving it! Next week we are going to work on the yard and put in sprinklers!!!! I have been dragging hoses for the last 14yrs!
The view from the front-

Lots of cement in the front!

The west side

The south/back side
We have tore out almost all of our poplar trees, they are dying and we don't want to get the sprinkler system in and then have to go pull them out and mess up the yard, so no shade for a while. We are going to miss it this year in the sand box.
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Cub Scouts!!

Raygn is in the bears now and they made a wood tool box for scouts. They brought it to display at the last parent pack meeting, they were so excited to show it off! Check out all the scouts!
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Here are a few pictures of Rockwell. He is now 17lbs, 28in., & his head measures 17 3/4 inches! He is trying to cut some teeth...he has been drooling for a couple of months now. I could see one on the bottom but now it is gone. He is rolling and back crawling. (if you don't know what this is it is ok...I had never seen it till now. He arches his back and gets on his head and pushes with his feet!)

He is the happiest baby! Aleigha said,"mom Rock is so happy except when he is crying!" He started sleeping through the night at 3months and takes good naps! I love this little guy. We are so happy he is a part of our family.

Rockwell's 1st Easter!

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