Sunday, May 29, 2011

Track & field day

This year for track and field day we had the 9yrs we have been going to these this one was the first! It was raining hard the whole time. The kids were so tough and kept entering their events and doing well!! Most classes didn't finish all their events, our two boys stayed out to finish!!

The older kids (jr. & high school kids help with timing etc. ) Addie and Jacey timed the obstacle course and had rain dripping off them the whole time. Aleigha was freezing the whole time and thankfully Rock slept most of the time and then some nice people took him for me!! Thanks Gardners!

I haven't even seen a paper on how they did in their events but this one will definitely be remembered!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Rock playing in the dirt for the first time!! He loved it!! I thought this play on words would be funny...

Putting rock in the yard...
Ryan said, "we have hauled/picked rock for years and now I am putting it in my yard!" Thanks Lover~

setting it just right

digging the hole to set the rock in

water more drought/flood!!

Addie was tending Rockwell and making lunch for us-Thank you!

Lifting the rock

the back -it was fun picking out the rock and setting it just right!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

3rd grade Crater Walk

Looking down into the crater...walked there from the school.

Raygn and I...O.K. I didn't get to walk there, I couldn't leave Rock all day-but I got to walk into the crater and play capture the flag with them!!

Raygn's class

With Mr. Heimerdinger

The mom's & one dad who wouldn't let us take his picture.

down in the crater eating lunch!

This looks like some movie in the desert! They were just making the line in the sand for our game!

I wish I had a couple of pictures to show the crater better!
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If you haven't seen one of these mesh feeders and have a baby, you should get one!! Rockwell loves to eat with it. -ok he does love to eat anytime not just with it! But I love it cause I can fill it full of food and he eats out of it BY HIMSELF!!

On his hands, arms, face, head, hair,eyes....

He has banana all over his face and I love that his bib says - This is what handsome looks like!
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Porter Happy Birthday!!

Porter is a TEENAGER! We have two teens now...

Porter got some badly needed things for his birthday. Like a Swimsuit and sandals! Thursday morning he came to me and said," Mom I need a swimsuit." (the school was going swimming that day) so we found him one....when he was getting ready to leave he asked me if I had any sandals he could wear. I told him I had my pink flip flops and he said,"ok" and wore them!! He is so easy going and was fine wearing my flip flops! What a good boy he is! We sure love him.

He did get a colts garbage can and a Lebron James jersey! -I wish he was a Mavs fan!!

Porter and his dad!

I sure love this boy!

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Monday, May 16, 2011


This is Aleigha the 4th kid of ours, 2nd daughter....she has a friend named BANJO! Who is this Banjo---well he is her friend of course! She started talking about him in Octoberish and I haven't heard much about him lately, until this week. He is a boy, 5 yrs old (but has a car & can drive), lives in Declo, (he used to live by Gracie, Maylee, & Glade now he lives WITH Maylee.) He is PINK! -Like pinkalious! He came over today and she was in the tub. She said, "Mom wave hi to Banjo" so I did...I kind of just waved at her! She says, "Mom (very matter of fact) he is not right here he is over there"-pointing to the hall. I think it is pretty cute. Not sure what having an imaginary friend means...a really good imagination? Later I was videoing Rock crawling...He crawls on his back! She wanted me to video her. I was asking her some questions and then when she was done she said, " Mom video banjo, ask him some questions" I asked her where he was and she pointed right next to her on the floor. It is the funniest thing ever!

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Spring concert

Porter who LOVES to do these concerts...One time he had brought jerky and was eating it while his class was waiting to sing in front of everyone. So most of the concert was like this...Porter behind his music.

The 8th graders do band and played for everyone!!

Addie playing the sax!

Rock at the concert

Aleigha tending Rock

Raygn he sang too I guess I didn't get any pictures though.
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Birthday Party

Our neighbor Shania Wickel had a birthday party and Aleigha was invited!!

Blowing out all 4 of her candles

Her princess cake


Aleigha taking a swing at the pinata

The birthday girl getting geared up to take a swing!
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