Thursday, March 18, 2010


We took the kids snowmobiling on Monday up to Pomerelle, the snow was great and the kids loved it. Aleigha wants to go on the boom again!! Logan and Kyler came with us too. We brought lunch with us and everyone had a good time.

Raygn & Kyler loved just ridding over the lake on all the drifts, it scared me because there is slush in some of the dips. Porter is getting to be quite the rider and was climbing some hills. (he went up some really steep ones with Ryan)
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skiing with the school

I was able to go snowboarding with the school last week! It was a fun time, snowed all day so we had new snow so ride all day. It is totally different going with the jr.high & high school kids vs. the elementary kids. I got to go with Addie and her friends the last hour or two. Thanks Heather for watching Aleigha for me!!

No it's not Sean White! I saw Frank and thought he looked familiar, the red hair really threw me!...I eventually figured it out!!!

Kayliah Power, Addie, and Jacey Shaw
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Lincoln gets baptized!

Don and Lincoln -what a neat thing baptism is. I was thinking about the whole baptism thing and what a small thing it is but oh so very important. Our Savior who was perfect got baptized, by following his example we too can become like him. The whole program is short and sweet. Don & Jodie bore their testimonies and they were powerful! I love them both and the examples they are to me.

some of the family at the baptism

On the way down Addie and Porter sat at there own table to eat. I thought just how old they are getting, wanting to be by themselves and away from all the little kids!-(Viv and two of her kids came with us) They really are growing up fast.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr. Seuss day

The fifth graders got to make-up their own books, publish, & illustrate them, then they read them to the 1st and 2nd graders. That is Porter reading his book to the 2nd grade class.

Thing 1 & Thing 2-We are so grateful to Aunt Heather for coming up with a costume for Raygn, I was just going to send him a regular boy! (they can wear their p.j.s or dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.)

It is a read across American day, we go read to the kids and then they test on the books that we read to them. The school reads Mr. Brown can Moo, can You? Have a mooing contest-Porter won! Have a piece of cake to celebrate Dr. Seuss & Mrs. Heimerdinger's birthday!
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Womens ski day

Heather & I on the lift!

Heather and I are doing the women's ski (snowboarding) day at Pomerelle. It is a killer deal, $95.00 for the whole month. That includes your lift ticket, lunch, & 1&1/2 hour lesson. It was so much fun and I learned things that will help me, I could already tell a big difference after our lesson. Anyone wanting to come with us should!! Thanks Heather for doing it with me!

Heather showing her new moves she learned!

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Miss Idaho

This year Miss Idaho's platform is all about Agriculture!! She does school assemblies, class presentations, and groups promoting ag.!! She came to the school last Friday and the kids just Loved her. Then that night she came to our annual Farm Bureau banquette, she did a really nice job. Thanks Kara!

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