Monday, May 24, 2010

Track & Field day

Track & field day is always fun, for the kids as well as the parents, grandparents, and friends that come to watch. The events include hoop shoot, long jump, softball throw, three legged race, wheelbarrow race, 50 yd dash, 400 yd race, obstacle course,& vertical jump. I only had two kids to watch this year and I still was missing events. I got my track in for the day running back and forth the field to try to watch them.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing cards

Sunday after lunch is nap time for Ryan and I. The kids well they do what ever comes to mind. Raygn decided to play cards on the roof!! Addie was in the house and heard something on the roof, she went outside and this is what she saw!!

Aleigha a little put out that she isn't allowed on the roof.
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Branding-cowboy style

This was an elders quourm activity, I know...we live in the sticks! I have never branded like this before.

You have to have someone that can catch a calf with a rope or there isn't very many calves getting branded. The little boys were out there with their ropes (catching and even pulled some in by hand!) They were using a iron that had to be heated, these head catch things that helped hold the calves down. Telfords brought this little pony that Aleigha just loved. -She had always been scared to death of horses, but she didn't want to get off that little thing.

Porter learned how to castrate calves (we tried to get him to eat them but for some reason he wouldn't!)
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Friday, May 14, 2010

October 21st...

Oh ya and on the 21st of October we will be adding a new baby to the family!! We are not finding out what it will be, when you have 2 of each it really doesn't matter. Both girls want a girl and the boys want a boy, so either way someone will be a little sad-but just for a second! Any guesses??

Yard work...

I guess this is a different kind of yard work, we pushed & pulled out 12 BIG trees. We had 9 large popular trees and 7 large pine trees. (30 year old trees) It is sad to do but they would only be a couple feet from our house. Aleigha was worried about Grandma and that she was going to be sad. We let her know Grandma would be o.k. and happy!

Knocking the brick off the west side of the house where the addition will be. The hole for the is getting exciting now! Notice all the missing trees. The one lone pine on the end and we did get to keep 3 on the other end.

The kids watching the demolition of the trees.
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Branding with Grandpa Van Tassell

Addie, Aleigha, Allie, Austin, & Kasia! This was so cute these three little ones were so cute. Kasia was (is) so full of energy and was laughing and dancing around. Austin wasn't sure what to think of these two girls-Aleigha just kept trying to put her arms around them! Then there is baby Allie who Aleigha just loves, (she even named one of her babies after her!)

Here is my dad with Lon Tuller-this is who he milks his cows with now. He lives in Geneva which is 31/2 hours away so it is hard to get to see him much anymore. I love my dad, he means so much to me. Thanks dad for being you!
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Happy 13th Birthday Adelade!

Girls weekend, we went to Utah for an early mother's day present for Becky and it was over Addie's birthday so she got to come and hang out with all of us. It was fun getting to be with each other if even just for a couple of days or day!

Happy 13th Birthday Addie! We love you!
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Aleigha & Babette-A.K.A. Aunt Brittney

Grandma loves to sew and Aleigha loves dresses so it works out for both of them. Aleigha gets so excited about all her new dresses. Thanks Grandma!

Aunt Brittney was Babette in "The Beauty & the Beast" she did such a good job and was perfect for the part. We all went & watched her on Thursday night and Aleigha wanted to go back. Go see Belle again, was all I heard all the next day, so...Grandma was going on Saturday and said she would take her. She got to eat lunch will Belle and get pictures with her-(Grandma I need copies!) She LOVED it.

Cute Babette and Aleigha!
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Easter, Climbing trees, & Aleigha

Raygn loves to climb trees, this was one day when I was gone!

Dying Easter eggs

Aleigha feeding her baby(Allie)

Out on the swings
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Scripture reading!!

What can I say, she loves this book! When I read my scriptures Aleigha reads hers too, she even marks them! I'm not sure what all the different colors mean but maybe one day she will tell us.

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building the pig sheds

Holy cow, can you believe it??? I am blogging again!




Raygn -We were all there helping(ok not me) the kids love to help their dad work. Anything with dad is fun, (I guess that is because it's not house work!)
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