Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fat stock sale 2009

Thanks Grandpa for Buying our pigs!!

Grandpa Paul, Uncle Logan, & Dad along with other buyers!

Porter selling his pig

Addie selling her frog!! j/k her pig
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Swim lessons

Just because I didn't think we had enough to do this week...we did swim lessons along with the fair! No, I just wanted to do them the same week as fair because we would be there already. I did the mommy & me class with Aleigha and Raygn did level 3 (he passed.) Our teacher Luanne Axelson is the instructor and does such a good job, my kids have all taken swimming lessons from her/the kids she is over. Addie & Porter didn't do lessons this year because, well... they can swim already! Porter did want to do the diving class with Sky Axelson.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Fair time! 2009

Addie & Porter showed their pigs today and both did very well. Porter got 2nd in his class and 2nd in the junior division, with Addie taking 1st in her class and 1st in the junior division & 2nd overall. (Reserve champion fitter and shower) Good job kids!

Aleigha was there too, just playing with any little girl she could find that would play with her! She made a few new friends today! Addie and Porter were in the parade with the Dietrich F.F.A. club...only in a small town can you do things like this last minute!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Our 4th is full of activities, food, friends/family, & fun! We started out at the scout breakfast in Dietrich, Porter helped serve this year! Then off to the Rupert parade. Addie was in it this year playing her violin.

I wanted to do something patriotic this year and I had each of our kids learn something to take part in the program. Aleigh was suppose to say "Happy 4th of July"-I helped her! Raygn led us in the pledge of allegiance, Porter said the preamble, & Addie recited the Gettysburg address. I read the Declaration of Independence, Colleen and I sang the National Anthem. I wanted to do something that would remind us of all we had and why we have it. It was touching to me, I'm not sure what everyone else thought but since it was at my house I decided to go ahead with it!

The kids each got a box of poppers and a tank to race!

At dark everyone got sparklers and then the show began! The guys love lighting them off. It is fun to sit back and watch who will try to light just one more! Great job Ryan, I love you! I love this country and the freedoms I enjoy. I hope I can stand up for the right things and be a patriot just like our founding fathers. Let us never forget what it took to get the freedoms we enjoy.
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Bear Lake 2009

Aunt Cindy invited us to come to Bear Lake the last week of June...(when all the hay was done so we could all go) the weather didn't cooperate with us very well and the hay wasn't done, so it was an all girls/kids trip. Randy was bringing the boat (the hay thing again) and was never able to bring it up. We played on the beach, went to a play, saw a bat!, ate, talked and got to hang out with family.

My kids liked the water fight the best. Thanks for being such a good sport everyone that got wet!! Thanks Cindy for the invite. Memories, Memories...

On the way home Logan and Ryan called us and we went boating. Aleigha loved the tube, she was laughing so hard it was really cute. Thanks for fun times Logan & Heather!
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T-ball ~ softball

We are done with t-bal and softball it was all of June! I helped with the softball kids this year...t-ball is cute, softball is fun!! Raygn had a bye one week and we needed a couple players so he played for us and then the other team. He did really good. Porter loved it and was a good hitter!
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