Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Adddie!

 When the basketball FINALLY started Addie informed us that the Mavs were playing the Jazz in Utah on her birthday!  Ryan was busy farming so I took her to the game and she was SOOO excited to see Dirk in person!! We were on the wrong side of the tunnel he was signing autographs on the right and we were on the left :(

 watching him warm up!!  The guy doesn't miss!

 With Dirk in the background!

 She had a poster!!

 The game was in Utah and we were cheering for the ENEMY!  It was a really good game to go to triple overtime, they just came up a little short!  When we were walking out Addie said this just went from the best birthday to the worst!  She is a hard core Mavs-(Dirk mostly) fan!
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Friday, April 13, 2012


My Dad & Mom...last time I was at my dad's he gave me a box of slides and I have spent hours scanning them into the computer!  I found some really good ones of my mom though so it was worth it!!

When my dad and mom first got married she was working as a Secretary.

with Ruth and Don

Love this the red of my dad's hair and mom's cute due!

My very favorite picture of her!!

 this one made me cry to see her pregnant and looking so just got to me.

 This is in Fresno and my Grandma Hernandez's house.  She is looking very "Mexican"  and very "70's"!!

 Now I know how she really felt about my dad!!

 day to day mom!!! I love her tons!
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Raygn's Basketball

 This is pretty much what we do in the winter monthes!!  Raygn loves to play and isn't afraid to get in the middle of things!
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Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles

 We got to hang out with cousin Zoson, Allie, and Austin, Uncle Lonz, Aunt Kristy, and Aunt Nik for a day!

 We love our Family!!
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Rockwell snuggling with Addie & his Daddy

 He really isn't one to snuggle so these are precious!!
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State Basketball

J.V. tournament CHAMPIONS!!

 Addie, Kaylia, & Jacey

Addie and her Brothers!!

 At state the first game

getting some playing time!

Championship game


Jacey, Alex, & Addie

 the team with their winning banner!!