Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ryan getting to hold Rockwell
My sisters -I love them!- came to see me!

I love my baby boy!

Wendell Rockwell

Tubes, wires, monitors...

Getting to hold Rockwell for a minute before they take him to the NICU.

The kids get to come see Rockwell & Mom!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wendell Rockwell Robertson

Rockwell or Rock for short came on Monday the 13th @ 12:35 pm. He weighed 5lbs. 4oz. and was 19 inches long. (pretty big for coming 6 weeks early) He is in the NICU unit at the hospital stil,l but doing well. His lungs look good, he was on a c-pap (forced air) for only 5 hours. He has a billy blanket on him right now for Jaundice, but looks good to me! He has an IV in his head and that makes him look pretty bad. I am now getting to feed him 4 times a day/night. He is back up to his birth weight (I'm not sure what he got down to but is back up!) He has a dimple on his right side for sure and not sure about the left one. He still has a tube down his throat for feedings that is taped to his left cheek-I will find out when that is gone!
Thank you everyone for being there, & helping out with my other kids --HEATHER, JAYLN, & BECKY. I am grateful for all the phone calls and support I have received. I don't know why I am asked to go through this again but I do recognize that Heavenly Father always has a plan.
I want to share something so close to me-just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. When I was in the delivery room, I was on pit (my first time, yes I felt those contractions) I had just received an epidural and everything was going so fast that I was progressing faster then the relief could come, I felt my mom next to me. She was standing right by my side, I looked around because I wanted so bad to just see her. I didn't, but just the same, she was there and I felt her so strong. I started to cry and the nurse was feeling bad for me because she thought it was the pain. It was... just a very good kind of pain. I love the Lord's plan of happiness and know one day I will get to not only see my mom but hug, kiss, talk, laugh...with her as much as I want to.