Saturday, August 29, 2009

A trip to the Pomerelle Cabin

This was such a fun time! Ryan asked me yesterday if I wanted to go take the kids up to Pomerelle for the day, I haven't been to the cabin for YEARS. Of course I said yes. We loved the double seater! The zip line was fun, but...

It was this rope swing that was the bomb! I got blisters on my hands from going on it so much. All the kids loved it & kept calling turns of who they were after. We would run and jump off the dirt and swing out and back around (not sure if that makes any sense) but lots of fun. Porter was the only one who sat on it.

I made my kids sit to take a few pictures because I am always taking pictures but never seem to get all four of them together. We even got one family picture!

We stopped at Paul & Becky's to get a key and still couldn't get in...until the kids were dying to get in and just kept trying the key and it worked! We went in and looked around, sat on the couches -(all vintage!) played 3 games of chess, I did beat Porter 2 of the 3 games we played but he pointed out that he killed my king with his Pawn, ate our lunchables (that the kids were so excited about, I guess we haven't got them for awhile) & read the scriptures! It was so fun I don't know why we don't go there more often. It is so CLOSE.
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Date night to the temple!

This was just a AWESOME picture I happened to snap when we were walking back to take a picture! I don't know but Subrina thought someone said this was the one year anniversary date of the temple I had to get a picture.

I love going to this temple it is "our" temple. I don't know that I have ever been when I didn't see someone I knew. I love it!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Primary quarterly activity

We took the primary kids to the temple for our quarterly activity. They got to walk around the temple grounds, touch the temple, get their picture taken in front, & we were even invited into the waiting room, someone from the temple presidency came & talked to the kids. The kids were so reverent and quite, it was really neat.

We had 37 kids show up for their day at the temple.

I guess I must have missed a few kids because 2 of my 3 that where there are not in an individual picture. I guess we will be making a trip back to get pictures! (I am using them for the bulletin next year, I think the kids will like to see themselves as part of the bulletin!)

These are the leaders that came to drive & helped with the kids. Thank you
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

first day of school

Porter, Addie, & Raygn ready for school-worried that I was going to make them miss the bus!

Waiting for the bus, with the other kids at the bus stop.

Finally the big yellow dog arrived. The younger kids could hardly wait.(the older kids were excited too, it's just not that cool to show it!)
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mingo Funeral 8-18-09

Have you ever seen 3 hurst's lined up with 3 men in one family? Ron, Jed, & Jordan Mingo were all honored & remembered today. What an amazing funeral it was. Three caskets, three sets of casket bearers, three life sketches, three dedicatory prayers...I do have a headache from crying. Not because I don't know where they are, but because I will miss them. (Jed was a friend of my brothers for years, he was like family.)

Shelley Jordan's wife (we grew up together as step sisters) was AMAZING. She did half of his life sketch. Jordan will leave 3 young kids behind. Right after the dedicatory prayers were given someone came and buzzed the cemetery...Jed loved to fly & that is how they passed away in an airplane crash. It was touching, I saw Shelley put her hand to her mouth, the memories and emotions it must have brought to her...I love you Shelley.

Shelley and her 3 cute little kids. Jed's casket bearers, and a white balloon from all the grand kids to grandpa Mingo. They will all be missed. It was a bitter/sweet day. Lots of friends...of all ages where there today. I am thankful I know of Gods plan of happiness and know where & what is going on after this life is over.

Jed was someone that made you feel special when you were near him. He was so fun and full of life. I knew the other 2 and love the whole Mingo family, Jed was with Lonz all the time so I knew him the best. He has been to many family outings! He was a year older then me in high school and dated one of my best friends through high school. He is such an awesome person.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Church softball

We had a church softball game in Hailey, it was our last tournament game. We played the Hailey 1st ward we won-(they forfeited) so we played again at 7:00...we lost, it was lots of fun though! Our season is over until next year. I love to play & was glad we started this, this year.

Ryan hitting

Just watching the game
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Saturday, August 8, 2009


We are still trying to get our 2nd crop hay baled. I was riding with Ryan and we had to stop because it sprinkled on us, so the hay was to wet. Paul came out to help bale and only got to bale for an hour or so before he had to stop. Last week we had a really hard wind storm that blew our hay all over, Matt was ahead of us raking it back into a row! Oh the sweet life of a farmer!!
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This last week in review

Addie cut her hair!

We went to the Branch/ward camp out...very cold but always a good time!

Aleigha & Carter they played together the whole time, when Aleigha wasn't right there you would hear, "eigha, eigha..." they are such good buddies.

We are combining our wheat, right in front of the house.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I.S.A.T. Scores

No one likes a bragger...I know I am just an amazed parent! My kids have done so well in school. Addie and Porter both got advanced on all 3 areas of the test. Porter was telling me the other day that him & Addie both wanted to be the Valedictorian...who thinks of that when they are in the 4th/5th grade? They both read a lot, I like to read too so we all like to sit and read. Raygn sometimes gets mad because he wants to play a game, "but all you guys want to do is read!" One day maybe he will join us!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kaylia's Birthday trip

One of Addie's friends is Kaylia Power. She wanted to go to lagoon for her birthday this year. She saved her $ and bought tickets for her friends. She is so cute, & fun to be around. Jacey Shaw, Katee Hubert, & Dolly Power (Kaylia's mom) came too. The girls had a lot of fun together. Happy Birthday Kaylia! Thanks tubey for the ab workout!

The next day we saw this store and I told the girls to pick out what wedding dress they liked and I would take their picture by it...even Katee picked one out! Aunt Nik or as we lovingly call her Clean (Katee came up with that one or Dirty as we lovingly called her) let us stay at her house and tried to keep everyone up late to talk but we all were sleepy.
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