Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Football & Cross Country

Raygn gets to play J.H. and Pee-Wee football this year. That means games every Wednesday & Saturday! It also means practice every Monday -Friday with two practices  on Mon, Tue, & Thurs.  Busy boys!!

Playing Richfield

Addie is running XC this year. This was her first meet in Ketchum.

She is in Dietrich Blue!
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Chopping onions!!

I grew lots of onions in my garden this year, and I was chopping them with the help of Aleigha! Viv told me once that someone she knew worked in a plant that chopped onions, the only thing that they found that stopped the tears was....googles!

Pushing the onions in the chopper

Isn't she cute!! It really did work!
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Sometimes....not everyday, maybe close, I would lose Rock....don't be over anxious because I wasn't! He was usually on his way up to the shop, or I would get a call from Ryan or Rockwell's Uncle, Logan telling me they had him. He would leave and head to the shop.

He just wanted to go to work!! This is where I found him one time!

Ryan working on a pivot

same one!

Rockwell out in the beets below his daddy.

He made it to the pivot tire.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Rockwell on the 4-wheeler

We found two deer while we were fixing the end gun on the pivot!

The got up and walked into the weeds while we were there!
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We are a ward now!!!

Our sweet branch of the church is no longer a branch! We were made a ward on Sunday. We still don't have the numbers that are wanted/needed, as far as people. All the other numbers that the 1st presidency look at are so high they made us a ward. Ryan was the only Elder in the branch presidency so he had to be made a high priest. That means we got to fly his parents home from Arizona so his dad could ordain him!! We planned a lunch after at our house with his siblings...their reaction was priceless! 

Brother Mike Torgerson, Bishop Perry Van Tassell, Brother Ryan Robertson

First day of school

The kids are excited to go back to school!! Maybe Aleigha more then the rest....but all of them were ready! Rock just wants to go to work with his daddy!!
Aleigha ready for 1st grade
Porter is a freshman this year
Raygn the big 6th grader
Addie my junior
Porter was so excited to get to drive to school!!
Look at all the smiles!
Off under a rainbow! A good sign right?!!
Rockwell ready for work:) pjs & work boots!!