Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 56th Birthday Paul

Becky had a surprise birthday party for Paul last night. It was a Superbowl themed party so everyone dressed up as a football player or a cheerleader, (or a fan!) The kids all got soft footballs, we ate, & played games. Happy Birthday Grandpa Paul!
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Addie's basketball

I have had fun watching Addie play ball this year. She is having a good time and sometimes the girls on her team just make me laugh! Aleigha loves to go to the games too, there is always a friend or two that wants to come sit by her. She loves it!
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Raygn's cake!

I know that I already had a post for Raygn's birthday, but.....I made him a cake! Ryan even commented that I went all out, so you know that I don't usually make them like this.

The big deal!!! It was super hard!

He had a party with some friends, we went bowling and had pizza.-(I had fed them at home, but they were dying for pizza!)
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pistol shooting

I love to shoot guns, I haven't shot very many pistols -I like shot guns. Ryan was teaching Porter to shoot them & I wanted to also! Most everyone knows that one of my hero's is Porter Rockwell-so I tried shooting with both eyes open, not much success! (how did he do that?) I use to give my brothers so much crap when we would go shot guns and tell them how good they needed to be, to be as good as Porter Rockwell. I my self am not that great of a shot, I just like to shoot! Thanks Ry for spending time teaching us!
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Raygn!!

Raygn turned 8 today! He got to open his scout shirt and scout book before school, he had scouts after school-he was so excited!

He gets Porter's old scout shirt and I guess he thought that he got Porter's old book too. He asked me,"mom did you just go through his book and erase everything?" What a good boy. Porter was teaching him how to tie his scarf and how to wear it, I love to see them getting along and helping each other.

One happy Scouter!!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Allie's Blessing day

Everyone wanting to hold Allie. She is growing so fast, we love you Allie.

Family at the lunch following the blessing.
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New Year's eve party-ugly sweater party!

I told Jalyn she should have a new year's eve party...she did. I told her she should make it an ugly sweater party too...she did. She told me I was in charge of games...I was!! It was a lot of fun I wish I would have got every one's picture, there were some pretty ugly sweaters.

Not everyone wore their sweaters the whole night, I won't mention any names! Ryan playing charades

More charades!
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Island Park Cabin

Hanging out at the cabin! The kids loved decorating the sugar cookies!

A daddy/daughter tickling/wrestling match...I think Ryan has a little advantage. Aleigha was pretty worried about her Addie.

Two little buddies. They were together all the time.

Everyone getting ready to go outside. It took more time to dress Aleigha then she was out there. Porter-no picture because he was already out there. Addie brougth her friend Jacey Shaw, she is such a fun girl we love having her around!
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Aleigha turns 3!

So this year for Aleigha's birthday we got her a bed-I know, no more sleeping on her crib mattress on the floor! I had bought her a couple games to open on her birthday but I forgot and wrapped them up for what should we do for her birthday, THE NEXT DAY?

Well myBIG helper Addie went around the house and found some books, puzzles and a capri sun, wrapped them up and we gave her all that! She was so excited and loved to open the presents!! I mean look at that, face does she really care?!!

The funniest part is, that when I opened her drink I took a little sip and Ryan said,"man the only new present she gets and you take the first drink", I was laughing it was so funny, what a fun day! We did have cake and ice cream at the cabin with all the other birthday kids!

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Christmas 2009

Christmas time!!!

Addie is always so thoughtful and giving. She either made everyone something or bought them something. She made the wood signs, rubber band gun, & metal bear in shop at school. She picked the ball for Porter from her perfect attendance pick-(they have a box full of prizes the kids can pick from.) She got me a sign at the Minico craft fair back in October. She is so thoughtful I love her. Aunt Nik got to come spend Christmas with us this year and Addie felt bad she didn't know, (or she would have had something for her.)
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Gingerbread houses

Addie's gingerbread house!



This was a fun project for the kids Porter told me 10 times how fun it was. They were working on them for hours. I think we will be getting some next year!
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We get one off and another one on! Aleigha was really interested! I had to keep pulling her back, she wanted to see everything that they were doing to Porter.
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Gillette Christmas Party

Find the picture of Aleigha and Carter under the chair eating a cake!

Another fun Gillette party! We had a dinner, kids treat walk, & gift exchange. It is always fun to get to see extended family and catch up.

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Kids at Relief Society

We had a Relief Society meeting and Gina brought a book on tape so the kids could listen and follow along, it was so cute...I think they sat through half or more!

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