Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Dad

Yes this is my dad who I haven't seen or heard from in over a year. He decided to pop in for a day. It was an emotional visit. I love this man. He is living in Arizona and I guess will contact us as he likes. No I don't understand but he said he is happy and that is what I want for him. I would like him around and be able to get ahold of him once in a while but...
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Sweet corn for the missionaries!

The picture that started it all...I sent Paul and Becky a picture of the kids eating some sweet corn and Grandma text me that she would meet us half way if we would bring them some corn. Well I thought it would be fun to take it to them and I told her yes. She didn't believe me at first but when I told her we were out picking...
She called her mission president and made arrangments. We were going to meet in Cedar City but Grandma and Grandpa are the sweetest people I know and came so much farther! I didn't tell them Ryan was with me so it was a suprise!

Addie and Porter

Aleigha & Rock

Everyone helping!!

We brought the loader and filled half of it two times.

Ryan, Aleigha, & Raygn

Where we picked after the first bucket full!

our first dump into the pick up

after the second load!

It sure looks full but when we got to Paul and Becky it had settled we wished we had put more in there.

riding home!-only on a farm do you get to do fun things like this!

Mindy and Aleigha with Grandma and Grandpa

Ryan & Rock

Aleigha with her candy necklace from the missionaries

Ryan and I

The missionaries with Rock & Aleigha

Island Park & Yellowstone

Kristy and her kids came for the week and we decided to go to the cabin in Island Park. Becky Lee Kristy's old room mate was going through the park and came to stay with us while we were at the cabin. Collette and Kyler decided to come join us as well! We had to stop at Howard springs and fill our water bottles before we headed into the park!

This was all the wildlife we saw!!! Bison & 1 Elk in the park!! We did stop at the Bear and wolf discovery center and saw a couple of mangy wolves, some bears, and they have added a few eagles!

Old Faithful in Yellowstone!

Swimming at the club house and just outside the bear and wolf discovery center in west. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of my favorite ice cream place in west Yellowstone...Arrow leaf. A couple years ago Ryan and I wanted to try something different and have been going ever since!! We told Logan about it and now he can't go to Island Park with out heading into west for ice cream either!
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Summer days!!

Rock got these COOL LIGHTNING McQueen slippers that he loves from his cousin!

 A picture of the massive tractor and disc

My cousin Abraham and his 3 kids stopped by for a visit. Here are Aleigha, Allie, Elisabeth and Sariah saying their prayers before bed...some not till well after midnight!

I took them out to see the combine in action! Abraham works for the government as a diplomat, so farm life for him and his kids was awesome! Kristy and her kids happened to be here at the same time so there was cousins all over the place!

the combine

Elliott, Raygn, Austin,and Rock

Joshua & Rock

It is always so good to catch up and see what Abraham has been up to. He has been in Mexico for the past two years working in the visa department. He has some cool stories of our ancestors and where they came from.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Extended cousins!!

Aunt Cindy had her grand kids for a few days so we got to go play in the water with the kids!! She had snow cones for everyone....a couple for most the kids. It was fun. Thanks Aunt Cindy

Thursday, August 1, 2013

cousins and friends

Elliott, Kaleb, and Raygn

first thing they did when we got home was go find some mud to play in then into the hot tub!

We had them for 5 days and they had a great time! Sorry Elliott for freezing you out:)

My friend Debi Bingham came to visit!

Debi use to live by me and Rick -her husband worked for Ryan-now Rick is in the navy and they live in Virgina so we don't get to see them very often.

Aleigha loves Loni

I did Debi's glitter toes for her so she could be sparkly!!-aren't they cute:)
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