Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flying to Florida

We are on our way to the Caribbean for a week of cruising!!!! The kids are so excited! Everyone did pretty good-minus Raygn who every time we hit turbulence he barfed. Everyone on the plane was really good about it and offering their bags, no one likes to smell that! We got a hotel here in Ft. Lauderdale that has the best hotel pool I have been in, I could swim laps!! 80 degrees here...Ryan said the wind at home was 56 miles an hour.

She was so tired!

Ryan and I getting to sit by each other, the older 3 were behind us! with a sick Raygn

Addie porter & Raygn

Waiting for another plane

Aleigha kept wanting to take pictures and send them to Grandma!  The clouds are pretty!

Aleigha everyone loved her hair things!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It snowed!!

We thought spring was here...nope winter isn't over!

just our the kitchen door!

more of the deck, glad we got to leave for some warmer weather:)

On the cruise i showed a few people these pictures they have never seen real snow only in pictures!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girls state Championship game!

Addie got to go to state with the varsity team again this year. It is cool just being there and being a part of the energy! They announced her name & put it up on the score board!! Three peat CHAMPIONS!!! Go lady Blue Devils! Aleigha got to dance at half time too!!

Jacey and Addie-best buddies!

the team
with her brothers

With her little sister that looks up to her!

Dad, Rock, Addie & Mom

Auntie Jocelyn is the best she comes and supports tons of the kids activies!! We sure love her!

the final score 52-28

Aleigha got to dance at half time it was pretty neat!

Waiting to dance

Addie getting her name called out and it is up on the score board as well!

Swimming at the hotel

State always includes staying at the hotel & lots of swimming!! The kids love that their friends get to stay with them. The first day there was just us and Perry Van Tassell's family...10 kids seemed like a lot for two families!-Addie was with the team to:)


Raygn & Rock

Ryan & Aleigha


Raygn and Ashton Van Tassell

Jazmin, Aleigha & Paige Van Tassell

Rock and Ty Van Tassell

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girls state tournament

Game one of state the girls played kootanai they beat them 70-20. Addie did get to play the last 3 minutes even with her two sprained ankles and hurt wrist. She shot twice and had one foul!! GO ADDIE

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rockwell & his Daddy

Rock LOVES his daddy he always want to go with him & do whatever he is doing!!

Rockwell's love....his DADDY!

In the semi with dad, we were watering the dusty roads!

He loves being right there!

In the tractor with his daddy