Tuesday, June 18, 2013


One of my favorite things is to cuddle with my kids...(& of course my husband) but Rock is so busy he very seldom lets me. Addie was playing the piano and I knew he was tired so I held him & he fell asleep in my arms!!!

Swim lessons

Every year I like to get our kids into swim lessons early so they can swim all summer...and maybe know what they are doing!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

New life

 I found this cool old chair at the DI a couple years ago and now it is beautiful!!
I do have a before picture somewhere:)
I decided to put it by the front door with my cute yellow bucket I found at hobby lobby!!
Rockwell chill'n out on the step
Aleigha & Rock posing:)


Aleigha is playing t-ball this year for her first time, she is loving it!!

Look at that stance!! All ready! 
Rockwell gets to go to all the games:)
At bat
Hitting the ball!
On first base
At bat again...looking very serious!!

Another game at bat!

On first!

Memorial Day riding!

We went out in the desert by our house and found some sand dunes!! We had such a good time and so close to home:)
Looking at the water in the cattle trough!

Kyler & porter 
Logan and porter out riding!!

Aleigha playing in the warm sand!

Ryan taking it easy!
Rock & Addie 
Collette getting some pics!