Friday, June 26, 2009

Taylor Swift's Love story & Cold Play's Viva La Vida

I was looking at my sisters blog & she had this link to this arrangement...I love it, I love Cold Play's Viva la Vida and I am so sad I missed the Taylor Swift concert. (something about not missing Porters arrow of light got in the way) this makes me really sad that I missed it. AWESOME! Raygn thought that Addie could play the cello part and I could play the piano...little kids are great!

I was trying to steal some of the pictures off my sis-in-laws blog of when they went to the concert but it's not working! So no pictures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We use to have chickens...(they all died), I like to have them, so we got some more! Ryan is building a chicken coop for them and we decided to help for F.H.E. It is really neat to see the kids helping Ryan and wanting to be a part of whatever he is doing. Porter is a good hammerer, Raygn was helping with the tape measure and straight edge, Addie helped hold the wood when Ryan was cutting it,& Me I just watched and took pictures!!--Oh I did stand on the boards as they were screwing them in & provided the treats!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I AM DONE!! 188 miles, 12 teammates, 3 legs each, 2 vans, LOTS of running, very little sleep! Sound like fun to anyone? (the things we call fun) This year was hard long runs for me. I had a 3.83 uphill leg at 5 p.m., a 7.3 pretty flat leg @ 3 a.m., & another 7.3 downhill leg (with 3 hills to climb on my way down) @ 12:30 p.m. I ran just over 18 miles total, NO PUKING!!
We had it all this year sun, rain, and wind. I like the night run the best, it is cool (even though I am scared of the dark) I can't see the road ahead of me so I just keep running.

It is always fun to do...I think for sure when I am done!!!! Meeting lots of new people-who are just a crazy as we are! Just the excitement of it all is well... exciting, exhilarating, and fun? It must be, I keep doing it. I run because I have to have a goal, I can't just run to run, I am way to competitive for that!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Van Tassell Family Pictures!!

Here are the pictures we had taken in May...I loved them! I love my family and it is always fun to get together. We went to Utah and took a couple shots, I think the boys one is super cute, I only wish that the one we did with my siblings had our spouses in it!

Look at all those Missionaries!!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aleigha's new purse!

Grandma & Grandpa Robertson had a party and Aleigha got a new purse at the fish pond! She loves it of course and even wanted to sleep with it the first night. She will let anyone who tries to take it know, that it is "Mine, Mine, Mine" very loudly!

I thought that it was cute that she had her phone, brush, one barrette, medal and her Hannah Montana crayons in her purse! Just the necessities!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sawtooth Relay 2009

Here is my team-Me, Eric ?, Sara & Cody Mecham, Lane & (his 15 yr. old daughter) Charmaine Kirkland. 62 miles, 4:30 a.m. start time, rain, fog, wind, a lot of road, Galena summit to climb and a 10 hour finish! I only did it because I knew it would be good training for next weekend's BIG BAD WASATCH BACK RELAY!

I ran leg 2 & 8 the first one was 5.83 miles uphill and the 2nd one was 5.09 downhill. I ran a 8.30 pace on the first leg and 8.15 on the downhill. It was fun but I was so glad to be done running my legs and almost be done running for this year! The scenery was so pretty with the clouds, fog, & dawn approaching I was wishing I had my camera with me as I ran to take some pictures.

I thing all of us had to run at least one leg in the rain and some of us ran both in the rain. We were trying to decide if we would rather run in the rain or the heat? What would you prefer?

I met these two that morning. It is always fun meeting new people and sharing an experience together. Lane is from Carey and is the head football coach, in the Bishopric with Dan Parke and the TRACK COACH! Next time he will train more!!
There is one more collage that I can't get on here of the other two runners...anyone know how to get more then four collages on at once?
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Watch bands!!

We are making these watch bands for our super saturday at the end of the month, & I am in charge so I thought that I better know for sure what I am doing. I will post the next ones I make!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

toothless Raygn

Raygn had to have his bottom teeth pulled because the Orthodontist said his bottom teeth were coming in crooked. Then the top two have just got loose and came out...well I did pull both of them out, I like to pull teeth out!

He did want to wait until he went to the dentist again because the dentist's assistant told Porter that if you loose a tooth at the dentist office the tooth fairy brings you $20.00! --I don't know that tooth fairy so I couldn't call her! So he just let me pull it out here at home!

He looks so Goofy-in a cute 7 yr. old way!
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Falls to Falls run 2009

Here are the pictures of my last race the Falls to Falls in Twin Falls! I got 3rd overall (out of the women) & 2nd in my age division there were only 21- but it was the biggest division, kinda small this year. It was a fun 5.2 miles starting at the Twin Falls and finishing at the Shoshone Falls.

After the race we had to go look at the Shoshone Falls!
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I took the kids riding up to the Sid Butte and the dark clouds were rolling in, I wanted to get home before we got rained on...we made it by about 10 mins. I watched the storm out the kitchen window. I thought the tramp was going to get picked up and thrown into the trees. It tore off Armondo's roof and a big section of the roof on the potato celler behind our house. It was really pretty after the storm!
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